MediSapiens partnership: supply of a complete sample management solution Modul-Bio signs a partnership with MediSapiens for the supply of a solution complete sample management.

Modul-Bio, provider of solutions for the management of biological samples, Biobank Information Management Systems (BIMS) and collaborative sample library sharing tools, has signed a partnership with MediSapiens, developer and supplier of solutions for the management of genomic, biomedical and medical data.

With this partnership, the two companies aim to complete their respective offerings in terms of complete management of the process, sharing and distribution of biological samples.

Modul-Bio provides software solutions dedicated to biobanking to Biological Resource Centers, cohort projects, biotechnology, cosmetology and diagnostic companies. The company has received recognition from companies, academic institutes as well as hospitals that have recognized its expertise in the management of biobank operations.

MediSapiens offers a new solution in terms of biomedical and medical data management, allowing their customers to be able to use their data. Their clients, which are both public establishments and private biobanks, use MediSapiens solutions to manage, query and share data with researchers and pharmaceutical or medical companies. "Our vocation is to continue developing our solutions to increase the competitiveness of this sector", specifies Mike Woodward, Director of Business Development at Modul-Bio. "It is very motivating to cooperate with MediSapiens to achieve these goals."

"We are very excited to collaborate with Modul-Bio" said Hans Garritzen, Sales Director of MediSapiens. “By combining the expertise of MediSapiens and Modul-Bio, we are ready to strengthen the biobank market with a complete sample management solution and to envision new perspectives. ".

About MediSapiens

MediSapiens Ltd is a Bio-It and bioinformatics company specializing in pharmaceutical and applied genomics research that provides Life Science companies and research centers with tools to manage and interpret genomics, to develop biomedical and clinical data.

Founded in 2009 and based in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, Massachusetts, MediSapiens designs software platforms to manage, integrate and visualize complex multidimensional data, such as sequencing data and genomic data. The company’s goal is to develop tools that allow scientists to quickly visualize and analyze large amounts of data to promote innovation.