29 May 2019
Logo de l'Hopital Foch

Remarkable efficiency for a partnership between Foch Hospital and Modul-Bio

Nowadays, the Foch Hospital is the largest academic and private hospital in France, it considers the care of patients and scientific research as very important in order to continue improving patient treatments. Specialised in oncology, neurology, and rare diseases, the Foch Hospital decided to create this Biological Resources Centre (BRC) in order to host many collections: some are specifically intended to better understand transplants and prevent transplant rejections.
24 January 2019

Partnership with MediSapiens: to provide an All-Round Biobanking Capability

17 May 2018

Helmholtz Zentrum München uses MBioLIMS BioBanking® to manage the GPPAD biobank for primary prevention clinical trials in type 1 diabetes across multiple sites in Europe