26 February 2014
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Modul-Bio develops and deploys software for the ELFE study for management of biological samples

Paris. Marseille. 20 March 2012 – As part of the ELFE study (Etude Longitudinale Française depuis l’Enfance - French longitudinal study of children), launched in April 2011, hundreds of thousands of biological samples have been collected from thousands of mothers and babies throughout France. The first collection of samples in this cohort began on June 2011 in 50 maternities participating in the project and 220,925 tubes of biological samples were collected. Management of such a huge quantity of biological samples, in 15 centers located hroughout the French metropolitan area, is a tremendous challenge that required the implementation of robust software for project processing and operation

A tool tailored to manage hundreds of thousands of biological samples

Modul-Bio, a young Marseille-based company has developed and deployed a software tailored to the requirements of ELFE joint unit’s specifications in 6 weeks. Based on a modular rchitecture, the software marketed under the name MBioLIMS® BioBanking is based on core software whose modules are assembled and adapted to meet the specific requirements of ach project. MBioLIMS BioBanking® is a 100% web multi-sites data management software specifically designed for Biological Resource Centers and for large-scale biology projects such as national cohorts. Under the ELFE study, MBioLIMS® solution allowed 15 EFS sites (French Blood Agencies) to be connected to the same software, work consistently, while maintaining their independence from each other in accordance with the established protocols. The people in charge of the ELFE study may, in turn, have access to data from all sites, optimized for the real-time control of the entire project and get a comprehensive view of their biological collections. “Modul-Bio has rapidly adapted its MBioLIMS® software according to our needs. Despite the short notice, we were able to maintain a project management methodology. The software has been implemented in 15 EFS BioBanks participating in the study, and they have all found the software quick to learn and easy to use,” says Mrs. Sophie de VISME, the Project Manager of ELFE Information Technology Department. “This software allows full traceability of all operations performed on biological samples across the sites while maintaining a global perspective”.


Founded in 2003, Modul-Bio is a company specializing in the implementation of solutions for biological samples traceability and LIMS software (Laboratory Information Management System) for large-scale biology projects. Based in Marseille on the campus of Luminy Biotech II, Modul-Bio works for Biological Resource Centers, national cohort projects, biotechnology and cosmetology companies, cellular therapy facilities and High Throughput Screening laboratories.

The ELFE study

French first longitudinal study dedicated to monitoring children from birth to adulthood, ELFE addresses multiple aspects of a child's life from the perspective of social sciences, health and health environment. Managed by INED (National Institute of Demographic Studies), INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), EFS (French Blood Agencies) and with the support of the Ministries of Research, Health and Sustainable Development, Elfe mobilizes more than 60 research teams, 400 researchers, with more than 90 specific topics.