26 February 2014
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15 April 2015
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Modul-Bio signs significant contracts

Modul-Bio, one of the European leaders for biological sample data management software, has seen its development gain speed in recent months with the signing of some significant contracts. Several major cancer institutes and centres in France have recently chosen Modul-Bio to set up the computerized management of their biological sample collections. This recognition of the company's expertise could soon see it expanding internationally. Laurent Jacotot, CEO of Modul-Bio, and Philippe Vagilo, (CSO) Head of Development, explain why their approach is most appropriate for the issues facing research centres, particularly Biobanks and those with large biological sample collections.

After ten years in business, the Luminy based company posts consistent sales growth and has more than a hundred labs using its software solutions
Laurent explains, “The company's flagship software program, MBioLIMS, is specifically designed for handling biological samples. It is developed with scalability and adaptability in mind and is capable of managing every part of the process beginning with sample traceability of the biospecimen collection from the patient through to the analysis results. Thanks to the program's flexibility, customised developments are also possible to respond to the specific needs of each client.” Their focus on detailed understanding of the customer needs, combined with the understanding of the scientific and logistical problems ensures that each individual project that Modul-Bio undertakes is tailored for every aspect of the clients requirements.

Gustave Roussy, the biggest cancer centre in Europe, has selected Modul-Bio to set up its sample management system. They require a platform which will allow them to open the catalogues of the Biological Resource Centre (BRC) to the research community safely and securely. "This is a great opportunity that will also lead us to develop the Gustave Roussy collection catalogue, consultable on line," says Laurent Jacotot. Philippe Vaglio adds: "The samples are naturally anonymised and access is secured. The aim is to advance research through knowledge sharing." The new University Cancer Institute (IUC) in Toulouse, which brings together all cancer players in the Southern region of France, has also chosen Modul-Bio to install its sample management software and set up a Web-based catalogue. "The project will eventually comprise several hundred thousand samples posted in the software," explains Laurent. The CryoStem cohort project, financed by the "Investing for the Future" programme and aiming to improve knowledge of Graft-versus-Host Disease or GvHD, has also called on Modul-Bio. Deployed across 22 sites throughout France, the software pools all the samples taken from patients suffering from this rare disease in the hope of finding appropriate treatment. "It's a flexible tool based on full Web technology, designed for easy roll-out whatever the type of site. At the start of the project, 11 sites were equipped; today there are 22. Its flexibility and success bode well for development in Europe, on similar projects, or even farther afield," says Philippe.
It's a flexible tool based on full Web technology, designed for easy roll-out whatever the type of site

All our modules are designed to be compatible and to interface, not only between themselves, but also with ther IT tools and software already in place
When there are multiple cultures and organisations participating in a single project there can be additional complications within a project. Uniting the difference approaches around the same science is something that Modul-Bio can handle with ease. They are currently developing the sample management software for the IMODI project, France's first national cluster dedicated to personalised medicine in oncology. The project unites 18 private and public partners around the aim of pooling allocated resources to speed up the identification of new biomarkers and innovative anti-cancer therapies. It has received significant funding of over €13 million from the BPI (Banque Publique d’Investissements) out of a total cost estimated at €41 million. "We have been part of the consortium since the start of the year (2014) We will supply a complete solution to implement the models management software and the project's dedicated Web portal," explains Laurent. With an increasing order book, the company is continuing its expansion steadily increasing their team as all the software programs are developed in-house. Laurent Jacotot adds: "New modules are developed all the time, based on the specific features of each project. All our modules are designed to be compatible and to interface, not only between themselves, but also with other IT tools and software already in place." For future developments Modul-Bio aims to enhance their personalised medicine tools and study solutions to problems facing this expanding market and to increase their international presence. "We have already started addressing this topic with the IMODI project, and we are looking to go further. This is one of the key focus areas for the development of Modul-Bio," says Philippe Vaglio.