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24 January 2019
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4 October 2019
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Remarkable efficiency for a partnership between Foch Hospital and Modul-Bio

Logo de l'Hopital Foch

Nowadays, the Foch Hospital is the largest academic and private hospital in France, it considers the care of patients and scientific research as very important in order to continue improving patient treatments.

Specialised in oncology, neurology, and rare diseases, the Foch Hospital decided to create this Biological Resources Centre (BRC) in order to host many collections: some are specifically intended to better understand transplants and prevent transplant rejections.

From BRC creation to the certification:

Foch Hospital BRC became a certified biobank in just five months with the standard NF S96-900, and only two months for effective MBioLIMS system software set-up.

In September 2018, the project started: landscaping projects, acquisition and cryopreservation devices management, quality management system implementation, and it was decided to acquire a software solution to manage and track all biological samples and the entire life cycle for several biospecimens (human tissues, blood, urine, sweat, etc.) and derivatives (blood fractions, DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.).


In mid-October 2018, Foch Hospital asked Modul-Bio’s team to implement MBioLIMS BioBanking software in the new biobank. With over 16 years of experience in biobanking domain, Modul-Bio deployed and implemented the software quickly in collaboration with BRC IT and operational teams.

On December19, 2018: production ran with samples management to allow an immediate start, BRC is now fully operational.

On January 29, 2019, BRC Foch Hospital was audited in the context of NF S96-900 standard, they obtained the certification on March 6, 2019.

« MBioLIMS is an intuitive software, fluid and precise. This solution is really inescapable for a BRC wishing ensure a samples management system with high efficiency, a good follow-up of studies and collections, and an excellent traceability of samples. Furthermore, BRC Foch Hospital supports medical progress (clinical research and cares), like initiate new transplants » explains Emmanuel Roux, BRC Foch engineer.

About Foch Hospital

FochHospitalis a french health facility, located in Suresnes(Hauts-de-Seine). Private health care establishment of collective interest or ESPIC, Foch Hospital is nowadays one of the largest in Île-de-France and specialised in pulmonary, respiratory, renal, urological pathologies, and in neurosciences.