Biopreservation & biobanking

New paper “Utilizing Modular Biobanking Software in Different Types of Biobanking Activities”

Our paper “Utilizing Modular Biobanking Software in Different Types of Biobanking Activities” has been published online by the journal Biopreservation and Biobanking.

Biobanking defines all activities linked to bioresource management—whether of human, animal, microbial, or environmental origin—which means that any biobank information management system should take into account the multistep life cycle of the samples: from acquisition, through preparation, storage, to distribution to the end users (medical or research teams). Different types of biobanks can use diverse approaches, making it difficult to find software that can handle all types of scenarios. Modul-Bio has developed MBioLIMS BioBanking®, a software dedicated to biobanking, as a modular solution so that our various clients can access the functionalities and scale in a system to match their needs. These projects range from biobanks setup and managed by academic institutions, hospitals, and private companies to small and large clinical trials across different countries, as well as to whole campus or organization solutions for multiple biorepositories. Each solution differs in size, requirements, and number of users, from small biobanks with a few members of staff accessing the software to large operations with multiple sites that can collect and ship samples to a centralized site. This article explores different projects that use Modul-Bio's software in a myriad of ways to manage the complete life cycle of biospecimens and associated data.