Guarantee full traceability
for your biological samples

A complete and secure barcoding solution dedicated to Life Science laboratories that seamlessly integrates with your laboratory for the identification and traceability of your biological samples.

Guarantee full traceability for your biological samples
imprimante pour tracer les échantillons biologiques

Example of barcode labeling system

Flexible components for designing your 1D or 2D barcoding system:

. Labels:
Tailored to your needs and resistant to extreme temperatures from -196°C to +100°C.
. Software:
Print customized fields with our software, design labels and integrate your logo.
. Printers:
Reliable, print high-quality barcode labels with a resolution of 300dpi.
. Ribbons:
Thermal transfer technology to ensure the longevity of your barcodes.
. Scanners:
Identification of your samples with our high-performance scanners, works even through frost (USB or wireless connection).

Our labels

A wide range of innovative labels

Developed specifically to meet your needs at all times, our labels are suitable for all types of containers for all types of temperatures.

The traceability standard for cryogenic storage and biobanking: LCDC labels, MBioLABEL® excellence

. Resistance to long term storage in liquid nitrogen -196°C.
. Secure « wrap-around » design for optimal barcode protection.
. Sticks to already frozen vials, re-label sample collections.
. Works for cryotubes & Eppendorf® tubes.
CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention
differents systemes


Our software

Create and print your own labels by selecting your criteria information: sample type, barcode ID, date, aliquot number, name of the collection, laboratory/company name, logo, etc…

MBioBCode and MBioPTS V1 software are no longer supported, please contact our sales team.

Automated printing software
connected to your
existing database.

Print dozens
of labels simultaneously.

A software designed with you,
tailored to your needs.

Our equipment

We carry multiple printers and barcode reader models that ensure you reliability and quality for optimal operation.

Imprimante Zebra ZT411

Printer Zebra ZT411


. Print 1D or 2D barcodes
. Thermal transfer technology
. High resolution 300dpi
. Network card

Barcode readers

. Scan 1D or 2D barcodes
. High density
. USB or wireless

Lecteur codes-barres Zebra

Barcode readers Zebra


Our partner

Zebra Technologies Corporation

What our clients say about us

" For many years, I have headed two facilities at Institut Paoli-Calmettes, the Comprehensive Cancer Center serving the Marseilles metropolitan area and the western part of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The Cell Therapy Facility is in charge of collecting, processing, storing and delivering hematopoietic cell therapy products for adult and pediatric recipients of autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantations. The Tumor Bank or Biological Resource Center in Oncology (BRC-O) collects, stores and distributes series of annotated samples of human origin to study the mechanisms of oncogenesis and help design and evaluate innovative diagnostic or therapeutic tools in oncology. Both activities are strictly regulated, a basic requirement being robust and stable identification and traceability of all processed samples. IT systems - LIMS - that are marketed by Modul-Bio provide flexible and user-friendly solutions that are well adapted to our professional practices and easily adopted by all categories of personnel. They can be operated with other elements of the institutional IT systems. Efficient and rapid support since we installed these products close to 10 years ago is an important asset that produces trust. "

Pr Christian CHABANNON Institut Paoli-Calmettes
MBioLIMS® user for 11 years
MBioLABEL® user for 11 years

Institut Paoli-Calmettes / Unicancer Marseille

" The team I am heading focusing on “genomic and metabolic diseases” uses for its research a Biobank of DNA, RNA and tissue accounting for more than 60,000 different samples. These biological sample collections representing hundreds of thousands of tubes are now managed by MBioLIMS BioBanking® software. This management is crucial since this Biobank is the main component of our research on the pathology of diabetes, obesity and associated cardiovascular diseases. It is therefore extremely important to use a reliable and accurate software like MBioLIMS® in order to remain among the world leaders in our field. "

Pr Philippe FROGUEL - ILille Pasteur Institute
MBioLIMS® user for 6 years
MBioLABEL® user for 6 years


” The modular functionality of the MBioLIMS BioBanking® software allows our biobank to ensure the traceability of all its activities on a single tool, for time saving and greater simplicity. The biobank of the Foch Hospital has just obtained the combined NF S96-900 and ISO 20387 certification, thus demonstrating of our ability to provide biological samples, and their associated data, of high quality for research purposes. “

Marine Largeau – Head of the Biological Resource Centre (BRC) at Foch Hospital
MBioLIMS® user for 2 years
MBioLABEL® user for 2 years


" The Guadeloupe BRC is a Biological Resources Center who has among its thematics : cancer and emerging infectious diseases in tropical zone such as dengue disease, leptospirosis and chikungunya. We are using the Modul-Bio software for our studies' management (benefit, collaborations..) and our own collections (requalifications, prospective collection...). MBioLIMS BioBanking® software modularity make it an indispensable tool in our research work, for identifying metabolics , genetics and environmentals predictives factors in caribean region-specific. "

Stanie GAETE - Guadeloupe Biological Ressource Center
MBioLIMS® user for 4 years
MBioLABEL® user for 4 years


" CryopAL Biobank Solutions, a subsidiary of the Air Liquide Group, is a biorepository offering an outsourcing solution for the conservation of biological samples at very low temperatures. We offer a cryogenic preservation solution for all types of samples (human, animal, plant, micro-organisms, etc.) and in all forms of containers (tubes, bags, vials, straws, etc). MBioLIMS BioBanking® software from the company Modul-Bio has been configured according to our specific needs, and is supplied as a hosted solution. It ensures a perfect traceability of the operations carried out on the samples transmitted by our customers (reception - movements and storage temperature - shipment). Its flexibility enables us to adapt to all the formats of containers from our customers, including any new ones. In addition, it is also used by the operational and quality teams for the daily management of the equipment used at the biobank. "

Maxime Anquetin Cryopal Biobanque Solutions
MBioLIMS® user for 3 years
MBioLABEL® user for 3 years

CryopAL - Biobanque Solutions

" CryoStem: a national cohort dedicated to GvHD – Graft versus Host Disease - that aims to collect biological samples pre- and post-allograft Hematopoietic stem cells to study the GvHD. In 2012, we asked Modul-Bio® to set up a software for the management and traceability of the biological collection accross multiple sites. In six months time, the software was developped and deployed in 10 BRC. Today it is used by more than 160 people every day, in 23 BRC and 33 transplant units project partners; over 100,000 aliquots of this rare disease are managed through this software. The availability of a custom database, scalable, easily accessible by multiple hospitals and the responsiveness of the team give us entire satisfaction. "

Boris CALMELS - CryoStem (GvHD national cohort)
MBioLIMS® user for 4 years
MBioLABEL® user for 4 years
eMBioBANK® user for 10 months


" Modul-Bio has rapidly adapted its MBioLIMS® software according to our needs. Despite the short notice, we were able to maintain a project management methodology. The software has been implemented in 15 EFS BioBanks participating in the study, and they have all found the software quick to learn and easy to use. This software allows full traceability of all operations performed on biological samples across the sites while maintaining a global perspective. "

Sophie de VISME ELFE - (national cohort studying children from birth to adulthood)
MBioLIMS® user for 5 years

ELFE - Etude Longitudinale Française depuis l'Enfance

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