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Whichever solution you have chosen, our team of experts is there to assist you with our customized services.


With over 10 years' experience in life science software and in biobanks in particular, we can help you define your requirements. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you about the right solutions for your activity. Be it the choice of instrument or the organisation of your Biobank for software integration, we provide the advice you need thanks to our extensive understanding of the field.


Introducing a new software solution demands careful organisation. We thus provide professional project management which guarantees that your project is a success. We assist you throughout the process by organising monitoring and steering committees, planning your project and monitoring its progress, drafting reports and controlling risks.


We provide a data migration service to retrieve and migrate your previous data to Modul-Bio software, either from an existing software program or in file format. As part of this service, we perform a quality control of your data and define rules with you to migrate your data to your new MBioLIMS® software. You therefore have a record of all your data as soon as you go live.


A project manager dedicated to your project is always at your disposal to ensure your software works well. Whether you have a question about a specific setting or a technical hitch, we provide our technical support with a quick and efficient response.

Training and use

We train your teams to prepare them to use the software. Two kinds of training are available: administrator training so that authorised staff can set the software parameters; and user training that enables all end users to make daily use of the software. Our team is particularly attentive to end users to ensure they get to grips with the software and to guarantee your project is a success.

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