Manage your samples and their associated data with MBioLIMS BioBanking®, a software programme dedicated to biobanks and cohorts.

Specifically designed for Biological Resource Centres, Biobanks and Cohorts, our MBioLIMS BioBanking® software solution manages and tracks your biological samples collected within the framework of protocols, studies, clinical trials and cohort projects.
100% web-based and highly secured, the MBioLIMS BioBanking® software manages the entire life cycle of samples and their associated data, from end to end.
Our software manages any sample type, whether of human, animal, plant or microbiological origin.
Example of a sample life cycle for a human biobank.

A personalized software programme

Ergonomic and flexible

Turnkey with your existing data

Interoperable with HIS software and instruments

A complete and scalable software

The solution's modular design is based around a generic MBioLIMS Core, plus modules providing features to meet the specific needs of your biobanking activity.
MBioLIMS BioBanking® is a scalable software programme: new modules may be added later to enhance it with new features.

Key biobanking features:

  • Patients & families management

  • Consents management

  • Specimen collection & samples

  • Annotations & clinical data management

  • Interoperable with medical software

  • Kits & barcodes

  • Tubes, slides, plates, 2D racks, etc.

  • Reception, transfer, request, cession

  • Location & storage history

  • Non-compliance

  • Aliquoting, pooling & preparations

  • Analysis management (results & SOPs)

  • Multicriteria search (CSV, Excel & PDF exports)

  • Activity reports & statistics

  • Multi-sites with access management

  • Security, audit trail & user profiles

An intuitive graphic interface:

  • Dashboard:
    Get a complete picture of your biobank and improve your productivity

  • Work list:
    Create lists of samples and share them with other users for collaborative working

  • Integrated notification system:
    Seamless communication between users and sites

  • Multicriteria search:
    Make complex searches easily

Our modules dedicated to BRC, Biobanks and Cohorts

With a broad and ever-increasing range of plug-ins modules, the MBioLIMS BioBanking® software offers features tailored to BRC, Biobanks (tumour banks, DNA banks, etc.), cohorts and longitudinal studies. It also interfaces with laboratory instruments, analyzers and robotics as well as with medical software or temperature monitoring systems.
The software is scalable, in a single or multi-site environment, and guarantees long-term security of sample data in compliance with biobank regulations.

Biological Resource Center Module

  • Manage collections (Tissue, Tumor, DNA, Serum, Strains, …)
  • Track collaborations : reception, expedition, requests, contacts
  • Manage sample preparations, aliquoting, SOPs
  • Manage non-compliance & disposals

Studies/Patients/Specimen collection Module

  • Manage studies, visits, specimen collection
  • Manage families, patient consents
  • Manage biospecimen collection kits
  • Clinical data

eCRF Module

  • Manage clinical data for each protocol or visit
  • Create & configure clinical questionnaires
  • Completion status (missing, partial, completed)
  • Excel, PDF Export
  • Multicriteria search

Storage Module

  • Storage tree configured by the user
  • Unlimited storage levels : site, building, room, freezer, nitrogen tank, box...
  • Assign positions either manually or automatically
  • Store and remove tubes in batches
  • Storage location history

Analysis Module

  • Configured multi-parameter sample analysis
  • Record and track sample analysis values

Multi-Sites Module

  • Centralized management of all sites
  • Direct printing on remote printers with Mbio Cloud Printing function
  • Distinct data entry and visualization for each site
  • Data sharing configured between different sites
  • Perfectly adapted to cohort projects

Reporting Module

  • Personalized activity reports
  • Complex search function
  • Statistics, status report
  • Reports sent automatically by e-mail
  • Export to eMBioBANK® catalogue

Tumor Bank Module

  • Manage tumor and non tumor samples
  • Cancer pathology data
  • Classifications included: ICD10, CIM-O
  • Compatible with Diamic®

HL7 Gateway Module

  • Import patient identity and analysis data from HIS and medical software

Temperature tracking software gateway Module

  • Display temperature graph for each tube
  • Compatible with numerous solutions (Oceasoft®, Sirius®, Vigitemp®, Thermo®)

2D Rack reader gateway Module

  • Creates 2D rack map
  • Identification of 2D tubes
  • Localizes tubes automatically in racks
  • Compatible with Thermo® and FluidX® scanners

Reagents and consumables Module

  • Stock tracking
  • Follows expiration dates
  • Integrated with sample preparations and analysis results

Laboratory instruments gateway Module

  • Automated transfer and saving of analysis results
  • One way and bidirectionnal communication
  • Works without human intervention
  • Achives raw data files

Equipment Tracking Module

  • Stock tracking
  • Follows equipments maintenance


Technical specifications

Robust architecture (Web2.0, Java, Oracle).
100% web based software with secured access HTTPS.
Works with all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Explorer)
Follows OECD guidelines for BRC, FDA 21 CFR part 11, GLP

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