Hôpital Foch

Remarkable effectiveness of a partnership between Hôpital Foch and Modul-Bio

Today, Hôpital Foch is the largest private university hospital in France, providing care for patients and attaching great importance to scientific research in order to constantly improve the treatments administered to its patients.

Specializing in the fields of oncology, neurology, and rare diseases, Hôpital Foch has decided to create its Biological Resource Center (CRB) to house numerous collections, some of which are specifically dedicated to transplants in order to better understand and prevent rejection of grafts.

From the creation of the CRB to certification It only took five months for the CRB at Hôpital Foch to become a biobank certified according to the NF S96-900 standard, and only two months for the implementation of the MBioLIMS BioBanking computer system to be effective. The site started in September 2018: development work, acquisition and control of cryopreservation equipment, implementation of a management system quality, and the decision to acquire a biological resource management software capable of ensuring the various processes of a biobank for a wider diversity of biospecimens (tissues, blood, urine, sweat, etc.) and their derivatives ( blood fractions, DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.).

In mid-October 2018, the Modul-Bio teams were approached by Foch Hospital to implement the MBioLIMS BioBanking computer system in the brand new biobank. With 16 years of experience in this field, Modul-Bio deploys and sets up quickly the body of the software in collaboration with the IT and operational teams of the CRB.

From December 19, 2018, production is possible for an immediate start of sample management activities, the CRB is now operational and fully meets its vocation.
On January 29, 2019, the Hôpital Foch CRB was audited under NF S96-900, certification was obtained on March 6, 2019 “MBioLIMS is intuitive, fluid and precise software. This solution is essential for any CRB who wishes to ensure high performance in the management of associated data, good monitoring of studies and collections, as well as excellent traceability of its samples. In addition, the Foch Hospital CRB supports medical progress in its clinical research and care dimensions, such as initiating unprecedented transplants "explains Emmanuel Roux, Engineer at CRB Foch."

About Hôpital Foch

Hôpital Foch is a French healthcare establishment, located in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine). Private health establishment of collective interest or ESPIC, the hospital is today one of the largest in Île-de-France and is specialized in particular in the fields of pulmonary and respiratory, renal and urological pathologies as well as than in neuroscience.


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